The Write Way


How to write a book together

February 1, 2017

AJ tipton is not one but TWO incredible ladies1 They ride together and write together! 
I was very interested in doing this interview because I would find it very hard to write books with other people. I mean, I would murder someone with a wooden spoon if they "help" me in the kitchen and put too much herbs or ... well you get my drift. Im a kitchen nazi. 

So yes, these awesome ladies write together and I would like to know how they do it ! 


AJ Tipton enjoys wind surfing with walruses and growing rainbows on trees. When she's not sailing on a longship she carved out of an iceberg and hunting man for sport, she's stalking the streets of New York City, communicating with ghosts and fighting a secret war with and against the supernatural. Her current goal is to bring skyscraper ziplining to the forefront of the sporting world.