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On networking as an author

August 14, 2016

Episode 13

Interview with Savy Leiser

Moving from Antwerp to London is difficult. A lot of you will call me crazy and tell me that I’m wrong, but I will miss the beautiful city by the river Schelde, with its misfit cathedral, hundreds of the world’s most awesome classical Flemish paintings and my favourite Museum, Plantin Moretus. It’s weird to pack the last 5 years in cardboard boxes, throw out 80% of your shoes and give away all your books because you simply can’t take them… But I’m following my heart and the love of my life so I guess it will all be okay in the end…

Yes, I know! I sound like some young adult character nagging about her first world problems… And no, I don’t want to look down on Young Adult at all. Young adult is my favourite genre and one day I even hope to write a novel in that genre. Today I’m talking to Savy Leiser, a 23 year old writer living in Chicago. She graduated from North Western University in 2015 and released her book The Making Of A Small Town Beauty King in February 2016. The book is a contemporary young-adult comedy about a boy who wants to win a beauty pageant, a girl who wants to destroy the pageant, and a small town that gets turned upside down.

Savy talks about going to events and how to network as a writer. Not everyone is cut out for networking. It can be scary and even overwhelming to step into a venue or hall, all by yourself with the sole purpose of making contact with other writers, with editors, agents and publishers. Savy explains how she overcomes this fear and how she uses the networks to her benefit like getting a signing in a book shop.

As you may know, I’m not the kind of person to sit still. Even though I crawl into bed every night, have 70+ emails to answer and am stressed about not getting the deadlines for my podcast, I can never fully relax. During the time I was in “no signal land” AKA “ The in-laws”, I tried to make a book that can help all of you with building your characters and giving them the depth they need and deserve. I just published this new book called 100 questions to ask your main character. If you would like to get a PDF copy for free, you can always drop a line on my website. Please do leave a review on Amazon! <3
Thank you so much for the ongoing support, the questions about my move and the numerous mails asking questions about writing, blogging and podcasting. I know that I currently have a bit of a backlog but I will try and answer any one of them!

Have a great week and don’t forget to tune in next week!


Links :

Amazon – Savy’s proofreading website