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Authorship as an empowered woman

Jessica Anya Blau is one of these incredibly empowering women you just want to surround yourself with. She shares her best practices and her best tips and tricks with us. She talks about writing, distractions and working through your anxiety that everything you write is shit. 

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How to write a book blurb

Interview with Glenna Mageau 

Writing a good book blurb is almost an art. Not only does it make people want to read your book, it often also gives you a foot in the door with publishers. Last publisher I checked out wanted a compleet point to point overview of my story as well as a book blurb. But where to start? How to lure people into the pages of your book?

Glenna explains this in this episode !


Mindfulness for Authors

Interview with Cassie Premo Steele 

Hi everyone! 
This is the 19th episode of The Write Way Podcast! And I say this with a bit of pride since it is one of off 20 and 20 will mean that we have worked on and put out more than 12 hours of great content helping authors, poets and writers all over the world to write, market and publish their book. 

This week I will be talking to Cassie Premo Steele on mindfulness for authors! I

Poetry Festivals

I am so sorry for not uploading an episode sooner but I was an idiot. After what seemed the worst weekend ever ( Boyfriend forgot his ID so could not go to Belgium with me, train delays, long travels and quite a foul mood) I forgot my laptop at my parents´ place in Ostend, Belgium. 
My laptop traveled for two weeks and I basically had to move hell and earth to get it back after a capital mistake by the Dutch Postal service. 

Everything of any importance ( interviews, programs, my manuscripts etc) was on here so you can see what state of mind I was in at the thought of actually losing this little piece of ingenuity. 

This week I am interviewing Philip Meersman. Philip organizes Brussels Poetry Fest and I was quite interested in hearing from him what it takes to make the bill of one of these festivals. What was it that made some poets special and other poets not? What can YOU, as a poet, do to get into the searchlight of organizations that might give you a stage? You will learn this and a lot more in this episode !

Engaging With Your Fans

Interview with Sarah Price

I am so excited to start podcasting again! I am so so so sorry for not having uploaded a podcast episode last sunday, but I found a job. Well, it’s an internship, but I get paid to do shit so … as the Thai say : same same but different.
I have a 1.5 hour commute each way and so I won’t be able to upload two episodes a week ( so sorry but when I get home I need food, wine and my boyfriend). I will keep uploading blog posts every wednesday and if everything goes well you’ll always have fresh new episodes on sunday.

Today’s episode features Sarah Price. Sarah Price is an international number one best seller. With her novels featuring the amish she has won over the hearts of hundreds of thousands of readers. When I was going through her website and social media platforms, the first thing I noticed was how close she was to her fans. She does not live in an ivory tower like some authors do, she takes the time to answer them and engage with them on a personal level and I think this is a very important thing to do.
Being a writer is not always and only about book sales, it is about making people enjoy reading and touching people in their hearts.
In this episode Sarah talks about how she accomplishes this, how she writes and has been able to write up 40 novels and about her main inspiration : the Amish.


How to find and use beta readers

One of the most exciting and best ways to get feedback for your manuscript is by using beta readers. Beta readers are people - they can be family and friends or people you have never even met, that read your book and give you feedback on the manuscript. This way you know that your readers, your agent or your publisher know what the book is about and that big plot holes, mistakes or ambiguities are resolved.

Catharine Bramkamp explains how she uses beta readers and in what way this has influenced her work. She explains where she would usually find these beta readers, how she interacts with them and what the best ways are to get the most out of the feedback of these beta readers.

Catharine is an award winning novelist, poet and podcaster. She is a very successful coach and an adjunct English professor. When reading her goodreads profile I found the sentence : For a good time she reads, writes and visits galleries and museums. For a good time her husband collects selfies of himself standing OUTSIDE the museum.
I just had to share this with you guys because it is just TOO perfect!


Being a professional music journalist

Interview with Jordan Blum

A lot of people dream of being a journalist, a writer or just having a day-job where they are able to write and let their creative spirits loose. One way o fachieving this is by becoming a professional journalist.

In this interview I talk with Jordan Blum who is a professional music journalist. Being a journalist for online magazines is a fun way to stay creative and build your portfolio – even if they are unpaid they will help you to perfect your writing and give you a better position in the job market.

Next Wednesday I will explain what the best ways are to land an (unpaid) position at an online magazine and what the perks of these jobs are ( and there are many).


On Book Tours

Interview with Charles Blackstone

When you have written your book and edited it for the one thousandth time, when you have found a publisher or even published it yourself... the next thing you have to do is market it. One of the best and to be honest - most fun, ways of marketing your book is by doing a book tour.
A book tour can take a week, a month or even longer, depending in how much time, effort and often how much money you would like to put into it.
Book tours can be physical, in book shops for instance, or online. They are an awesome way of both getting the word about your book out, and also of keeping in touch with your fans and maybe even making new ones.

One of the people that had some very interesting book tours was Charles Blackstone. Charles Blackstone is an academic and author born and raised in Chicago and now living in New York city. I asked Charles about the book tour he did for Vintage Attraction and for some tips and tricks for people who want to try and set one up for their own. An interesting interview for people that are both just starting with their novel and already finished!

As from now, I will be doing a complete blog and podcast schedule where I will release a podcast episode every Sunday and a blog post matching the topic of the interview every Wednesday.

I hope you will enjoy the interview and don't forget to tune in next week when we will have a talk about professional book reviews and being a professional music journalist with Jordan Blum!


On networking as an author

Episode 13

Interview with Savy Leiser

Moving from Antwerp to London is difficult. A lot of you will call me crazy and tell me that I’m wrong, but I will miss the beautiful city by the river Schelde, with its misfit cathedral, hundreds of the world’s most awesome classical Flemish paintings and my favourite Museum, Plantin Moretus. It’s weird to pack the last 5 years in cardboard boxes, throw out 80% of your shoes and give away all your books because you simply can’t take them… But I’m following my heart and the love of my life so I guess it will all be okay in the end…

Yes, I know! I sound like some young adult character nagging about her first world problems… And no, I don’t want to look down on Young Adult at all. Young adult is my favourite genre and one day I even hope to write a novel in that genre. Today I’m talking to Savy Leiser, a 23 year old writer living in Chicago. She graduated from North Western University in 2015 and released her book The Making Of A Small Town Beauty King in February 2016. The book is a contemporary young-adult comedy about a boy who wants to win a beauty pageant, a girl who wants to destroy the pageant, and a small town that gets turned upside down.

Savy talks about going to events and how to network as a writer. Not everyone is cut out for networking. It can be scary and even overwhelming to step into a venue or hall, all by yourself with the sole purpose of making contact with other writers, with editors, agents and publishers. Savy explains how she overcomes this fear and how she uses the networks to her benefit like getting a signing in a book shop.

As you may know, I’m not the kind of person to sit still. Even though I crawl into bed every night, have 70+ emails to answer and am stressed about not getting the deadlines for my podcast, I can never fully relax. During the time I was in “no signal land” AKA “ The in-laws”, I tried to make a book that can help all of you with building your characters and giving them the depth they need and deserve. I just published this new book called 100 questions to ask your main character. If you would like to get a PDF copy for free, you can always drop a line on my website. Please do leave a review on Amazon! <3
Thank you so much for the ongoing support, the questions about my move and the numerous mails asking questions about writing, blogging and podcasting. I know that I currently have a bit of a backlog but I will try and answer any one of them!

Have a great week and don’t forget to tune in next week!


Links :

Amazon – Savy’s proofreading website


The Blind Blogger

Interview with Maxwell Ivey 

Hi! Welcometo Merlot and Writing… or should I say The Write Way…
That’s right! We did a complete overhaul of the Podcast, blog and brand!Because of all your awesome and great responses I felt we could do better andbigger! You can now find everything on our website I also want to say sorry because it took so long to get thisepisode out! I am currently moving to the UK, helping out my boyfriend’s and myown parents and trying to get a job in London. It is complete mayham.
Someone to look up to in times that not everything is going your way is MaxwellIvey, our guest for the next half hour. Maxwell has overcome so many hurdlesand when life gave him lemons he… decided to make lemonade and blog and writebooks about it! His blog “the blind blogger” is so inspirational and I lovereading the stories. Enjoy the next half hour and my talk with Maxwell Ivey!

Quickreminder : all the shownotes will appear on my website. You can always reachout to me and the writers I interview. We’re one big family and we always helpand support each other so don’t be scared to send us a message. I hope you tunein again next time. Thank you for subscribing and sharing this episode withyour friends, family and fellow writers!