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On finding an agent, on motivation and plotting your novel

Interview with Tiberius Engle 

Tiberius describes himself as a life-long learner, multilingual, well-travelled idealist, veteran, avid drinker of tea, steadfast Aquaman Defender. If that doesn't sparkle your interest, I do not know what will. 
I talk with Tiberius about his novel, about his road to finding an agent and more importantly: the road to getting published. He tells about how his experiences in the army shaped him and his work and about what motivates him. 
You will hear Tiberius' absolutely adorable son through the interview. I did not want to cut it out because it was just too cute. It gives the interview a cute and personal touch, just to show that writers - big or small, are people too. 

I also wanted to say that you can always contact the people I interview, they are very nice people and they don't bite. They are part of a broader hive mind of people that know about writing and their insights are very interesting!

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On Furry Literature and the Furry Community

Interview with Bill Kiefer aka Greyflank

Bill Kiefer, also known as Greyflank, is a very active member of the Furry Community. In this interview he tells us about his personal problems and his problems with writing, he gives us some insight into the wonderful and interesting world of “  furries “ and talks about his new book Goat.

Bill was so kind to send me all of the links of the people and websites he mentioned. (Bill ) (a furry is a person who wants to meet other furries, but everyone has their own explanation)
Bill : Ocean Tigerox, my favourite editor is also a writer and has a podcast:

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Writing historical non-fiction and military fiction

Interview with William “Bill” Alan Webb

With his eight dogs, wonderful wife and thousands of books, he spends his years writing and researching military stories and history just outside Memphis.
Bill has been writing for nine years on his historical non-fiction book on the liberation of Vienna in the second world war. I am impressed! Bill shares his tips on researching and motivation.

A greatinterview for book lovers and history buffs alike!

PS: Big shoutout to the wonderful work Bill and his wive’s dogs are doing. Two of them are therapeutic dogs and two of them are search and rescue dogs. What would mankind do without these wonderful animals!

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Overcoming the fear of failure as a writer

Interview with Jared Warner

This timewe are doing something different. This is not an interview with a writer, but with a podcaster. Jared is starting a podcast on the fear of failure, somethinga lot of writers go through. A lot of us think our writing is not good enough,we turn into perfectionists and edit while writing, we are scared we are not good enough to be published or just think we will fail no matter what. Jared gives good tips on how to overcome this fear of failure and on how to become an effective writer that can put this fear of failure to work. Jared is also an online marketing expert. He has been on top of the online game since he was 16 years old. He had e-mail on his telephone in the nineties and was a fan of mobile marketing before it was the next big thing. He gives some great insights on how to use the internet to our advantages when marketing our book and on howto use social networks to connect with fans, fellow writers and to market our books.

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How to get a publisher without an agent

Interview with Linda Foster 

Linda Foster lives in the magical Colorado. When she is not walking her dog or writing her book, she works in a school. The pupils give her all the inspiration she needs. 
A few years back she signed with Glass House Press. This was the end of a hard and difficult search for an agent or a publisher. In the end she managed to get signed without the help of a literary agent. It tool more than a hundred rejection letters, a lot of courage and a damn strong woman but Linda will be welcoming her first, published, book very soon. 
If you want to know how to get a book deal without a literary agent, this episode is a must listen to! 

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How to earn money on the side as a writer

Interview with Lise Cartwright

Lise Cartwright has published 27 amazon kindle books and runs a successful online business from her couch. She writes guest blogs and freelances as an editor and ghost writer. Lise shares her secrets, tips and tricks towards a carefree and happy life as a writer and lets us in on some very good information on how to earn money as a writer. 
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On paranormal mysteries and finding an agent

Interview with Natalie Fowler 

NatalieFowler writes Paranormal Mysteries from the ghost’s perspective. When Icontacted her, I was actually thinking of making this interview “ Short Story”themed but when I found out more about this awesome and above all, interestinglady, everything changed.
Sit tight and we’ll take you on a walk through the paranormal, writingmysteries, editing and finding an agent. 

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The mysteries of publishing unveiled

Interview with Weasel from Weaselpress 

FINALLY! You have finished your manuscript... but what now? How do you look for a publisher, what happens when you found one and what are the Do's and Don'ts when it comes to approaching a publishing house. 
Weasel from Weaselhouse answers these questions and guides us through the steps of publishing. 

Listen to this episode to get an inside look onto publishing. 

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How to write a book in under a week

interview with R K Gold - 

By now you will have realised there is no magic formula to write a book, there will be no sudden epiphany into how to dip your bucket into the well of bestsellers and there definitely is no single how-to-guide that works and fits for every single person out there.
R K Gold tells us his story, from the first time he put his pen down to the great relief of being published. He shares his most valuable writing tips with us while his dog Logan is being the cutest interviewee assistant ever in the background.

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How many words are there in a book

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