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How to write a movie script

Dane Cobain explains why he chose to write a book and a movie script, and takes us through the steps of writing a movie script and explains why he chose to publish the script in creative commons.

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Lisa caskey on researching young adult series

Lisa Caskey explains how she researched her young adult series and tells the story of how she ended up on the San Fran underground for four hours! I also answer Elisabeth Batiste's question if it's best to make a personal blog or have your blog on goodreads. 


Sourcing inspiration from the world around you

Interview with Deena Metzger 


Deena Metzger is one of these people that was just put on this world to write - to tell stories and be an author. Deena is a great source of both inspiration and knowledge and I felt incredibly lucky to talk to her. If you want to know how to get more inspiration quickly and how to get this information from the world around you than this episode is something for you!


How to make your writing special

This week I will talk to Kadee Carter on how to make your writing special. Let's face it, agents and publishers get thousands of manuscripts submitted to them every single year. The two things they tend to look at are story and writing. But how can you make your writing better and more attractive and how important is writing versus story? 

Well, do you want to go into history as the fifty shades of grey or as the Bridget Jones of literature? That is in essence the question you want to ask yourself. I have not read fifty shades because it is said to be the absolute most repulsive crap that has been published in the mast 10 years. And I might just believe that. Though the writing was bad, the book sold because of the premise and the story. On the other hand we have Bridget Jones. For those who have read the book, you might know that there is not really a story in the book like there is in the movie. There is no big romance between Bridget and her Mark Darcy and there are hardly any plot twists or "big moments". But why do people love these books so much if there is hardly a story? It is because of the writing. The writing is special, it is witty, it is funny and it is personal. Just like the blurb says : it makes people yell out : It is me! Bridget is me! 

This kind of personal engagement you will not get with just a good story. You have to build it up with your writing and this is what Kadee Carter will talk about on this episode 


The importance of persistence

E A Stripling has just written her first book and landed a publishing deal. How? Through persistence. First she had to have the persistence to write her book and to push through the patches of writers block and secondly she had to have the persistance to actually go out and look for a publisher. You will het a thousand no's but ultimately there will be a yes. With this in mind she set out to look for an agent and a publisher and after heaps and heaps of rejection letters she was happy to find someone that believed in her and her book. 

E A Striplings story and path ar both inspiring as educational. You will not become the next J K Rowling or not even Rainbow Rowell by quitting. You will not get a publisher by stopping sending out query letters and manuscripts. 

This interview shows that if you put in enough will power, you can do anything!


How to write a book together

AJ tipton is not one but TWO incredible ladies1 They ride together and write together! 
I was very interested in doing this interview because I would find it very hard to write books with other people. I mean, I would murder someone with a wooden spoon if they "help" me in the kitchen and put too much herbs or ... well you get my drift. Im a kitchen nazi. 

So yes, these awesome ladies write together and I would like to know how they do it ! 


AJ Tipton enjoys wind surfing with walruses and growing rainbows on trees. When she's not sailing on a longship she carved out of an iceberg and hunting man for sport, she's stalking the streets of New York City, communicating with ghosts and fighting a secret war with and against the supernatural. Her current goal is to bring skyscraper ziplining to the forefront of the sporting world.


How to write books in series

Interview with Chuck Buda

This week I am talking to Chuck Buda. Chuck Buda writes horror in series.
A lot of authors these days choose to write in series. Instead of pushing the whole story in one big book they actually prefer to break up the book in multiple installments.
I was quite interested in the whole process of writing in series. What drives you to writing series; how do you know where to stop one book and to start another and what advantage does writing in book series have?
Chuck Buda talks about his series and the tips and tricks to start your own.


Writing True Crime

Jeff C Stevenson grew up in South California. When he read an ad in an 1976 magazine about a Christian Rock band The All Saved Freak Band, featuring Glenn Schwartz. 
This started an interest in what turned out to be a Christian Cult on Fourtney Road. 

Jeff spent years researching Fourtney Road, conducting interviews with people that espcaped, people that were sucked into the cult. He wrote this story - mixed with musical rock history, down in his novel Fourtney Road. 

Jeff takes us on a path from the moment he got interested to the interviews and gruesome stories that came forth out of the interviews.


Authorship as an empowered woman

Jessica Anya Blau is one of these incredibly empowering women you just want to surround yourself with. She shares her best practices and her best tips and tricks with us. She talks about writing, distractions and working through your anxiety that everything you write is shit. 

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How to write a book blurb

Interview with Glenna Mageau 

Writing a good book blurb is almost an art. Not only does it make people want to read your book, it often also gives you a foot in the door with publishers. Last publisher I checked out wanted a compleet point to point overview of my story as well as a book blurb. But where to start? How to lure people into the pages of your book?

Glenna explains this in this episode !